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My Journey with AECP Level One Layering

My Very First Blog Post with AECP! Layering One

Updated: an hour ago

I decided to start simple and take the Layering One Class. I thought, this will be a breeze! Yes, using layer images is a skill I had mastered, but what I did learn from this class is how to use your stamps in various ways giving your card a fresh look! I needed this push so badly, as I was stuck doing my same old thing...I needed to break out of my stamping routine!!!

Stamping simple images is easy, but when you begin to use layers and different generational stamping shades, you can create a new look each time! I am also learning the art of card balance and design for a more visual appeal. I used a masking technique to give the card a bit of dimension. For this card, I used the Build a Flower Peony Blossom and Stamp Set, the Fancy Greeting Stamp Set and the shades of Lava Rock, Frosty Pink and Coral Berry. To finish the card off, I gave it a few paint spatters along with a few sequins. Hope you enjoy!

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