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Masking with Ease!

I have a little secret...shhh....Masking is my least favorite skill set! Crazy right? I mean, it's not a hard skill to master, in fact it's quite simple. What I have found though is to

(1) have an idea in mind of how you want your card to turn out, (2) grab some masking paper, and then the creative juices just flow! I enjoy working with abstract images! They can be used in a wide variety of cards and since my hubby's birthday is just around the corner, I made this card for him!

To create this card, I first scored a horizontal line approx. every inch or so..random is best. I then took Misty Morning ink and swiped left to right. This created the shiplap look! Using the Sohcahtoa Stamp Set and Travel Basics Stamp Set, I created several masks using masking paper. I wanted to have a hodgepodge geometric flow to the card. Using Caramel Toffee, Misty Morning and Warm Sunshine Altenew Inks, I simply started in the bottom left hand corner to create groupings of 3 images. From there, I continued to build image sets moving around the card. Groups of 3 or 5 are most appealing to the eye, so make sure you cluster in those number groups and rotate your color selection too! I then added a pop of black using Travel Basics Stamp Set's Airplane! Off we go!

When I am masking, I think of this little trick to help me get started. Who is first in line, second in line and so on...So stamp the first in line. Cover that image and stamp the second in line. Cover image 1 and 2 and stamp the third in line! It's simple! But as i mentioned before, think about your end result first, and the image will come to you.

In this next card, I used the Fashion Monger Dahlia Stamp Set.

To begin, I took Altenew's Watercolor Paper and gave it a generous water wash with a paint brush. I then took Frosty Pink Ink Spray and began spraying the wet paper. I let gravity move the ink around but also helped it along with my brush. I then took the antique silver ink spray and created random splatters on card. Let this air dry.

Stamp your flower image on the card and create a flower mask as you will use this mask multiple times as you build the leaf clusters around the main image. I took an alcohol marker and added a bit of color to the inner bud and flower center. After all the stamping was complete, I doodled a frame to accent my flowers. My sentiment from the Simple Flowers Set was heat embossed and dovetailed. A few extra splatters of antique gray and some sequins for that extra touch! Till next time! Hugs!

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Jan 03, 2022

Ok, that first card is AMAZEBALLS! so so so good!! I like the second one too, but that first one is 10/10! So cool.

Jennifer Leonard
Jennifer Leonard
Jan 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Erum! It was fun to make!

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