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Hello friends! Blending with Alcohol Markers is a new skill set for me and one that I hope to continue to improve on! Card making is so much more than whipping up a design and sentiment~it really is a work of art! It is a place where you can express yourself and let your inner self show through. As I continue with my journey with AECP, I am really trying to perfect new skill sets and encompass all the lessons I learned over the last few months to make a beautiful card! I am still finding my niche in card making, but I am most comfortable with lots of layers of dimension!

The Paint a Flower White Swan Echinacea Stamp Set was used in in today's card so I could learn to perfect my skill of blending with alcohol markers. I was 95% finished with the card when "I DROPPED MY OBSIDIAN INK DIRECTLY ONTO THE FACE OF THE CARD". I just about cried as I worked so hard on this card. I showed the card to my daughter and she said,"Mom, just grunge it up!" It actually looks sort of cool!

So this was my A-HA MOMENT!

I am more of a CAS style card maker, and adding grunge is not my norm, but after this lesson, I am going to let myself loosen up a bit! Here is a picture of both cards...the grunge and the do over...

Another skill that I am really trying to learn is making You Tube process videos...between getting my words right, crafting without too much editing and not dropping ink it has become quite the learning process! Please bear with me (:

Gettting a good blend with Alcohol Markers works best with small images. Bergenia Builder Stamp set is another flower set that can showcase blending! In this next example, I not only blended the flowers but also the sentiment of Love You! When blending, you want to start with a light color, then blend a darker color over the light color and finish off the blend with the light color again. Ending with the lighter color softens any harsh lines. It does take some time, but well worth your efforts!

I will continue to learn this awesome technique! Hugs!

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