• Jennifer Leonard

Let's Go to the Boutique!

My third lesson in this amazing journey was learning how to create a Clean and Simple Boutique Card. My style of cardmaking was normally "more is better" Having unused space on a card felt awkward to me. This class taught me how to create a simple card, with all the "Wow" factor! In fact, I enjoyed this class SO much, this will be my "go to" type of card when I need a card at the spur of the moment. These cards are easy to create and this designs allows for creative expression!!! Plus...it looks like you bought it at a small boutique store!

To make this card, I used a water color A 2 card base (4.25 x 5.5). I wanted my stamped image to absorb unevenly on the stippled surface. I took #Altenew's Spring Daisy Stamp Set and created a left hand border with the two flower images. I offset stamped the yellow center to add to the card's expression. The card title also came from the Spring Daisy Stamp Set. https://altenew.com/products/spring-daisy-stamp-die-bundle

My next card still features the Spring Daisy Stamp set but by changing colors and layout, a new vibe was created! I used Altenew's Ruby Red Ink for the flower and then took a paint brush and created a bit of shading with plain water. I also used water colors to add color to the stem. By adding a few border scribbles... the card is complete!


Once I started making these CAS cards, I was on a roll! I recently purchased #Altenew's Enchanting Beauty Stamp Set. https://altenew.com/products/enchanting-beauty-stamp-die-bundle

I love, love this set and will be using this to many of my designs! To make this card, I used the Misti stamp positioner and laid down three images in the corner of the card. I stamped with #Altenew's Obsidean Black Ink. This pigment ink is a must have! The finished image is spectacular!

Once that was complete, I simply turned the card upside down and re-stamped the same image. This gives the card symmetry. I mounted the card onto black glitter paper and finished off with a bit of black shimmer splashes! Hope these cards inspired you to create your own set of Boutique Cards!

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