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Impressive Heat Embossing

Incorporating heat embossing into your projects will certainly add a level of shine and skill to your cardmaking! There are just a few rules to follow and you will gain perfection each and every time!

  1. Treat the paper with an anti-static powder

  2. Use a quality watermark stamp pad

  3. Pre-heat your heat gun to avoid warping your paper

I was particularly drawn to lesson 3 of the Heat Embossing Class using a heat resist technique. I made the same card, used the same colors of purple wine, turquoise and sun kissed... and duplicated the image...but in card one, it was all using the Tropical Watercolor Brush Marker Set and in card two using all Pigment ink blending.

Using the Majestic Bouquet Bloom Set, I stamped the image onto watercolor paper and used white embossing powder. With my brushes, I wet the stamped image and then began to drop in small bits of the water color inks, allowing gravity to bleed out the colors. Of course I helped the direction of ink too. I would dry each layer as I moved onto the next bit of color to avoid making a muddy mess. To complete the card, a touch of splatters is a must! (: and a lovely sentiment.

Same card, but this time I took the inks and used a blending brush to color in the image. See how the white embossing powder RESISTS the color? This is the magic of the card! To finish off, I added a few splashes of water to give it a bleached look.

The next heat embossing technique that I have never tried before is to use a stencil as the stamped image and apply the versamark ink directly to the stencil. Tune into Lesson 6 for this awesome technique! This was a bit harder than I thought because you really can't see the watermark ink and you want to make sure that you completely fill in your stenciled image! But boy was it fun to create this card! Even with all the prep I took to add the anti-static powder, there is still a bit of excess powder in the corners...but at a distance the card looks much better! and it has a cool effect with the toned colors of Golden Peach and Crisp White against the navy cardstock.

This stencil reminds me of a pebbled path, which is why the sentiment of "Follow Your Heart" was used on my card. A CAS style of card, but has a bold effect!

I hope I have inspired you to incorporate heat embossing into your card making! Hugs!

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
Nov 09, 2021

But you didnt say which one is your favourite!!! I wanted to knowwww LOL I loveeee all of them esp the colourful one. The first one, of course has my heart :) you know it!

Thank you for submitting your gorgeous work to the AECP assignment gallery.

Jennifer Leonard
Jennifer Leonard
Nov 09, 2021
Replying to

Oh I know what pulls on your heartstrings!! My favorite of these cards is the bold watercolor one because it is so VIBRANT!! I think I am finding my niche in cardmaking. (:

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