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Demystifying Mixed Media AECP Level 3

If you want to learn how to use Mixed Media in a layout, I highly recommend taking Natalie's all encompassing class...demystifying mixed media! She offers so many ideas on how to incorporate various forms of mixed media...pigment inks, embossing paste, heat embossing, I learned how to layer 4 forms of mixed media and the result was AMAZING!!!! What I learned the most from this class was that mixed media needs to be tackled in sections. You do one section, and put it aside to dry. I can begin my layout and take one day at a time as each layer is built. When the layout is complete, there is such a WOW factor and a feeling of satisfaction of what you just created! To make this layout I chose the following elements of mixed media:

  • dye ink refills mixed with water for ink smooshing

  • stenciling with pigment inks

  • heat embossing with clear embossing powder

  • embossing paste thru stencils

Here is my finished project. First layer was using dye inks with smooshing, second layer was stenciling with pigment inks, third layer was heat embossing then a final layer with stenciling with embossing paste.

This project had two parts. Part one was creating the color/design on the white card stock. Part two was making your own colored paper to create the die cut flowers and photo mount. To make your own colored paper, you just take a piece of water color paper and with a brayer, apply layers of diluted pigment inks.

Even the floral die cuts got a layer of mixed media too with embossing paste! For a detailed look on how to make this adorable layout, you can view on my You Tube link below! Till next time...hugs!

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Erum Tasneem
Erum Tasneem
13 May 2022

This is so beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also enjoyed the video!

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