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Beautiful Details...make a difference

Let me start by saying how blown away I was at the talent of Marika Rahtu. She opened my eyes to see how the little details you add to a stamp base make a huge difference! In addition, I also learned how you can use different ink mediums to create beautiful images, and then when you blend two water based inks and water color pencils or alcohol based inks and watercolor pencils...WOW! the end result is just amazing! I'll be honest! This was not an easy class for me! But being challenged is exactly why I enrolled in the AECP and I am very pleased with my final project. I created this card by using tombow markers and the vintage flowers stamp set. Just by looking at the stamp images in a whole new way...I created various stages of weathered leaves just by using 1st, 2nd and 3rd generational stamping.

I began by inking the branch from the Vintage Flowers Stamp Set with a grey Tombow Marker. I then went over the branch using fine strokes with the marker to bring out details. I still have much improvement on the shading aspect and that is perfectly fine for now! I so enjoyed stamping the leaves! I really like how the marker didn't give full coverage to the stamp and I was left with...let's say a "watercolor" effect. I would completely color the image with the marker and then use the marker to dab on extra color on certain areas. I was very happy with the result.

To finish off the card, I added a strip of black glitter paper and a few black gems. This sentiment spoke to me as I am receiving so much joy from crafting! And the happiness is overflowing!

As I was taking the class, my Altenew Order Arrived!! Yea! Now I had quality alcohol markers to play with! I was determined to keep practicing the small strokes using various shading techniques Marika showed us. Again, I still have much to perfect, but I was happy with my result in my early stages.

I took the Beautiful Day Stamp set, and Embossed the outline flower and leaves in gold. Using Altenew's Cosmic Garden Set, I began to relax and let the markers do their thing! My cat of 16 years was in the dying process as I was learning this technique and I see the brush strokes as her little whiskers.

I chose the sentiment "one day at a time" as she was in my life for so long. She is older than my youngest child! My sweet kitty passed just as I was finishing learning this lesson. I strive to perfect this skill! I placed the flower onto brushed grid wide washi tape and cut the panel using the Mix and Match Frame Die Set.... So onto the next!

I am beginning to think that some type of watercoloring is my method of choice when crafting a card. So to incorporate the lesson of adding details I learned from class, I began with the Build a Flower Coneflower set using 140 lb Watercolor Paper to craft the flower. Obsidean Ink for the outline and then used Altenew's Spring Garden Watercolor Brush set to paint the flowers. I then took the Coral Berry and Forest Glade Alcohol Markers from the Cosmic Garden Set to add the fine details. To add extra interest to the card, I added a border made from the Pattern Power Stamp Set and chose a sentiment from the Sohcahtoa Stamp Set. I finished off with Dina Wakley Media Gloss Spray to add one more level of dimension ( I was not thrilled with this result, but I like to try new things!). Until next time! Hugs!

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